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I am a Business Coach and Social Media Consultant.


I am an entrepreneur who finds it hard to take time off, hard to switch her mind off, always moving to the next adventure. As CEO of DIGG Childrenswear from 2008 until 2019 I have had to adapt, learn and grow into areas I never could have imagined. I now find myself part of a business community that focuses on education and growth.

We are in changing times when it comes to succeeding in business. The ethos "build it and they will come" is no longer something we can expect in the world of self-employment. We have to learn, we have to push ourselves to do things we resent doing, we have to fight for our customers, we have to shout loud and we have to adapt almost daily to the ever changing digital landscape that confronts us when we pick up our phones or look at our computer screens. 


I am learning every day, I will never stop.  


I have a passion for seeing others succeed. I hate to see people struggling in their business.

It's soul-destroying. I know how much money, time, and emotion has been put into it therefore I always share my knowledge. I never hold it back. If people ask for help, I give it if I can. Or I will direct them to where I know they can get the help they need. 


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