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Building a Brand with Aisling Bremner, CEO of Aisling Bremner Marketing

Aisling Bremner is a Brand and Marketing Strategist whose career has spanned over two decades working with leading global organisations, household consumers brands, B-to-B and SMEs.

Her ethos is simply ensuring that strong foundations are built, that there is a clear why and that businesses and brands consistently connect with their customers at all touchpoints.

Aisling has worked with brands such as Heinz, Magners, Dale Farm, Coors Light, Queen's University and so many more.

In this episode Aisling breaks down, into three simple points, what a brand is. She shares practical advice on what to think about and steps to take when creating a brand name and then how to actually build a brand through developing brand DNA, brand identity and brand marketing.

Aisling talks about positioning and differentiation, ultimately how to stand out and be known. She also talks about rebranding and how it is never too late. She ends the episode giving brand building advice to the smaller business owner with a limited budget.

If you are starting off or rejuvenating a brand this extremely informative episode is for you. A Brand and Marketing Strategist with an absolute passion for what she does. One not to miss.

Building a Brand with Aisling Bremner, CEO of Aisling Bremner Marketing.

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