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Building a Multi-Million-Pound Business Even Though They Said You Couldn't, with Kerry Nevins

Kerry Nevins is Founder of Babocush, the Ergonomic Bouncer and Comfort Cushion for babies, which in its first year of business turned over 1.3 million.

When Kerry’s son was born he was only settled and content when resting against her chest. As a busy Mother and Childminder, this proved to be extremely challenging. With no item on the market to replicate this position, her quest for designing the ultimate swaddling cushion with soothing sounds and motion began.

Even though it took fourteen challenging years to bring her product to market, during which she was told by someone that her product was dangerous and that she should not go forward with it, Kerry launched the successful Babocush. Her first Facebook video of an unsettled baby settling on the Babocush went viral with over twenty million views within twenty four hours. Huffpost, CNBC, Ashton Kutcher, Yahoo Parenting, Essential Baby and New York Magazine were some of the over one hundred thousand shares on Facebook.

In this episode Kerry talks about how she took the all important leap of faith from childminding. She shares her challenging journey of bringing her product to market, the logistics, manufacturing, health and safety, shipping the product in, warehousing and the best form of marketing for her business now. She also shares the sacrifices she had to make along the way. As Touker Suleyman of Dragons Den is an investor, Kerry explains how this came to be.

She ends the episode by sharing her new consultancy business. A place whereby she can share her wealth of knowledge by helping people launch their product.

Building a Multi-Million-Pound Business Even Though They Said You Couldn't, with Kerry Nevins.

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