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Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

Sinead O’Donnell from PH20 Luxury Tanning, Nick Irvine from Cafe Ironic/Roco Cosmetics and Bronagh Quail from Moocha Kombucha, take to the stage at ‘The Digg Podcast Live’.

The three panellists each introduce their business and share a challenge they are experiencing as a business owner.

Mental health, Influencer Marketing, Mum guilt and mindset are the issues at hand.

Three experienced members of the audience offer advice to the business panel. Terri McCanny of TMC Health and Fitness discusses mental and physical health, Niamh Taylor of Digital24 talks all things Influencer Marketing and Melanie Breslin an elite Mindset Mentor discusses ways to overcome the dreaded mum guilt.

A discussion you don’t want to miss.

Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

Check out the episode here:

Links from Episode:

Business Panel -

Sinead O’Donnell - PH20 Luxury Tanning

Nick Irvine - Cafe Ironic | Roco Cosmetics

Bronagh Quail - Moocha Kombucha

Experienced Advisors -

Terri McCanny - TMC Health and Fitness

Niamh Taylor - Digital24

Melanie Breslin - Mindset Mentor

Sponsored by:

Evolve - Website

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