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E59: How to Deal with Negativity when Growing a Business: Annette Kelly

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Annette Kelly is a personal performance and development coach who founded the brand Little Penny Thoughts, an online community which started out as a simple positive wellness page, but has now grown into a major brand which is recognised world wide and has sold hundreds of thousands of products globally.

Annette has over half a million followers on social media and uses her platform for good.

She is also the founder of Wellness from Within, which takes the format of events both online and in person, focussing on the three pillars of wellness; mindset, nutrition and fitness.

Annette touches people with her warmth, her down to earth ways and her genuine compassion. Someone who is always wanting to help others and an expert in the field of wellness.

In this episode Annette shares how her own personal journey resulted in the Little Penny Thoughts brand being born. She explains the process of turning the brand into a business and how it grew at such an incredible rate.

Annette shares key points on promoting a brand on social media. She talks about successful collaborations that they were involved with and how this in turn helped with the growth of their brand.

She explains how Wellness from Within originated and shares lots of practical tips on how to tackle negativity in the form of lack of confidence, fear of judgement, inner critic, negative comments online, all of which can stop business owners from progressing.

Annette ends the episode with the future plans for Little Penny Thoughts and Wellness from Within.

An emotional but extremely practical episode on dealing with negativity when growing a business. One not to miss!

E59: How to Deal with Negativity when Growing a Business: Annette Kelly

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