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E60: Tapping into Success: Shauna Corr

Shauna Corr is the founder of Tapping into Success. She has twenty plus years in the corporate world, leading and managing multi-national teams, with a big emphasis on their personal and professional growth and development. Shauna is also a wife and a mother.

The other part of her is that she has been really interested in self-development and alternative health and wellness for eighteen years, and seven years ago she qualified as an EFT/Tapping practitioner.

During her corporate career she met so many people who had the desire to do something more - improve their performance at work, go forward for a promotion, step up for a project or speaking opportunity - but were hesitating to do so, and in the wellness community she has met SO many practitioners who are underselling their services or hesitate to charge their worth.

Shauna came to the realisation that these people, from different walks of life, had one thing in common - they all had blocks / fears / limiting beliefs which were holding them back from stepping up or putting the best version of themselves out there.

A few years ago, therefore, Shauna did a further certification on how to use EFT/ Tapping specifically to help people to break through these blocks or limiting beliefs, so that they can set big goals for themselves and confidently work towards them, without fear or hesitation.

This is where "Tapping Into Success" was born.

In this episode Shauna explains the process of tapping and Caroline discusses the benefits it has had for her in navigating through challenges.

E60: Tapping into Success: Shauna Corr

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