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E65: Always Remember Your Why and stay True to Your Brand Values: Alix Mulholland

Alix Mulholland is Director of Field Day Ireland, a multi award winning candle and scented home accessory brand that captures and bottles scents of the Irish countryside.

Over the past twenty years Alix has brought her business to amazing heights, supplying her products to World Leaders at the G8 Summit, being available to purchase in the Aer Lingus onboard magazine for a period of time and she is currently about to launch the brand into businesses in NewYork.

Arnotts and Avoca are both stockists of the brand here in Ireland along with over three hundred shops worldwide also stocking her beautiful products. Moreover, thousands of products are sold weekly through the brand’s website.

In this episode, Alix talks about her journey from where she got her retail bug and entrepreneurial spirit as a child to how going to study Retail Management in Scotland led to her business idea being born.

She shares stories on how she responded and dealt with negative feedback in regards to her business starting up, how Invest NI helped with funding, how her team started to grow and how she actually marketed the brand from the beginning.

Alix talks about how retail is changing, the importance of evolving, launching and rebranding. With the culture of imitation, Alix shares how she approaches the issue and explains how she uses customer service in order to make her brand stand out.

The world famous New York Irish Bar, The Dead Rabbit, uses her stunning scents. Alix chats about how this collaboration with Jack McGarry came to be.

She ends the episode by talking about the importance of relationship building and gives the all important advice to people who are trying to ‘Make it Happen.’

If ever there was a humble leader of such a success story, it’s Alix. One not to miss!

E65: Always Remember Your Why and stay True to Your Brand Values: Alix Mulholland

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