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E68: Believing You Are The Best will Result in Success: Benny O’Hanlon CEO of Todds Leap

Benny O’Hanlon is Director of Todds Leap Activity Centre, a multi award winning company who deliver events catering from one thousand people at a time right down to experiences for small families. In its entirety, Todds leap employs over one hundred people and to date have welcomed over a million visitors through their doors. They continue to be leaders in their field when it comes to customer experience and creativity.

Benny is also Director of Todds Leap Shelving and Racking.

In this episode Benny explains why he believes he was set up for success from a very early age. He talks about how he spent his first thirty years of work working at various different jobs and explains why he believes the phrase ‘People who are wandering are not always lost.’

Benny’s life took a dramatic change in direction after reading ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins. He shares exactly what this book ignited in him.

In regards to running businesses, he talks about why he feels lucky about the mistakes he has made in the past and why it’s important we acknowledge mistakes made.

He shares his early journey of opening the Activity Centre, from it starting as a weekend business back in 2001, to present day, as Ireland’s number one Corporate Entertainment Outdoor Activity Centre who offer over twenty activities and much much more.

Benny offers lots of advice to businesses who are trying to be ‘top of their game’ and also to people who are trying to ‘make it happen’.

Benny, Ben, Benedict, Bo, a man with multiple names. A straight talker with plenty of wisdom to share. One determined man that never stops moving. Definitely one not to miss!

E68: Believing You Are The Best will Result in Success: Benny O’Hanlon CEO of Todds Leap

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