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E72: Businesses Who Are Making It Happen in 2023

The ethos of all of Series 6 is about businesses who are making it happen. In this episode you hear from a panel of businesses who have made huge strides in the last few years.

Making it happen can mean different things for different people.

Angeline Murphy, of Angeline Murphy Design, turned her side hustle into something that could potentially be her main job some day. So far she has collaborated with Joe Malone - how did she make that happen?

Mark O’Neill of Roof Window Specialist wanted to turn his long years of slogging and worrying about money into a positive working life for him and his family. He wanted work that didn’t negatively impact his mental health. In the last four years his business has gone from zero to seven figures. He describes himself as one man. How did he make that happen?

Karen Daly who is the Growth Accelerator manager at Unislim and CEO OF 11:11 Bang on trend wanted to free herself up with more time to spend with her family and working on her businesses and not in them. That’s not an easy thing to do but she made it happen. How?

You will also hear from our event partners:

Sian Keane from BTL Aesthetics

Brigid Duggan from BD Consultancy

Julian Simpson from Hyperfast NI

Jill Annett from McKees Law Firm

E72: Businesses Who Are Making It Happen in 2023

Check out the episode here:

The Digg Podcast Series 6 is brought to you in partnership with Invest Northern Ireland

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