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E75: How I Went From Minus £200k to £130 Million

Tina McKenzie is one of the best-known business figures in Northern Ireland.

She has been appointed as UK Chair of Policy and Advocacy for the Federation of Small Businesses, the UK’s biggest business organisation representing the interests of self-employed people and smaller businesses. As a result, she will serve in one of the most senior positions on the organisation’s Board of Directors. This new appointment means NI will have a strong business advocate right at the heart of FSB, who in turn can take messages directly into Parliament in Westminster.

Tina is CEO of Staffline, the largest recruitment agency in Northern Ireland and the second largest across the island of Ireland. It employs over two hundred people and has up to eight thousand contractors.

Throughout her life, Tina has had so many achievements in the world of work. She is also a wife and mum of three. Navigating the challenges of balancing work life and home life is something she is very open and honest about.

In this episode Tina talks about how she was treated as a woman trying to grow a career and how she navigated it. She shares examples of going with her gut when it comes to making big decisions.

As public speaking is one of her many strengths she offers advice to business owners who struggle with this but know they need to be more vocal about their business and connect with their audience.

Does Tina have any regrets when she looks back over her career? Listen to the episode and find out.

A refreshing and honest conversation about business and home life. An episode not to miss.

E75: How I Went From Minus £200k to £130 Million

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Tina McKenzie - LinkedIn | Staffline

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