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E76: Turning Coffee into Millions: Colin McClean, Bob and Berts

Colin McClean is founder of Bob and Berts, which started off as a small coffee shop in 2013 in Portstewart, Co. Antrim turning over two hundred and sixty pounds on its first day. Ten years on, Bob and Berts, the high street coffee and food chain, has twenty seven sites and has reached a turnover of twenty three million pounds.

This has been one hell of a journey and one, which was at times, wasn’t strategically planned. However as expansion crept in Colin began to put systems and measures in place to protect the brand and expand beyond his wildest dreams.

In this episode Colin shares the journey of his early career and work, talking about the difficulty of trying to work as an employee whilst growing a business at the same time. He shares how growth happened, franchising and how he managed it?

Retail, customer experience, growing a brand, growing a team and ultimately allowing yourself to dream big were all discussed.

Colin also talked about challenging issues including the struggle with work/home balance.

He shares some examples of small measures he has put in place to help reduce costs which have had a huge financial impact on the business.

Colin ends the episode with great advice for business owners who are trying to make it happen and ultimately be successful. One not to miss!

E76: Turning Coffee into Millions: Colin McClean, Bob and Berts

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Bob & Berts - Website | LinkedIn

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