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E77: How to be More Efficient in Your Business: Amy Smith, Vamos Admin

Amy Smith is a virtual assistant and is usually called upon when a Small Business realises they aren’t quite so small anymore! And the realisation has hit them that their time could be better spent elsewhere, there must be a better way, right?!

In the Digg Podcast Amy shares five ways to help become more efficient in business.

1. Map out Processes

Can anything be removed or combined?

Can anything be automated? - easiest places to automate are CONTRACTS,  INVOICES, BOOKINGS, and PROJECT/TASK MANAGEMENT.

Can anything be delegated? Task aligns with another team member's skillset etc. Weigh up a system cost with your hourly rate and decide whether it’s cheaper to spend the money or spend the time.

Use programs like Hello Sign, Docu Sign and Ever Sign to make your contracts easier for clients to sign and get back to you in a timely fashion.

2. Diary Management

Diary is there to be managed not filled. White space is not evil. Flexibility is key. Batch where possible, are you multitasking or just jumping from one task to another and thinking it’s productive.

Colour code - look ahead and see how your week/month is shaping up.

3. Inbox Management

Your inbox should work for you, not cause you work.

Archive older than 12 months - tip search unsubscribe to bring up newsletters Create subfolders. Not too many!

Follow the 4D rule - DO, DEFER, DELEGATE, DELETE.

Reduce your check-ins.

Use your email provider's features, for Gmail for example use Templates for emails you send on repeat or Rules to send certain emails into designated folders.

4. To Do Lists

Out of your head and onto paper/digital.

Prioritise - colour code. Bad day? Look and see what has to be done and ditch the rest.

Give timings. Be realistic!

5. Outsource

Take away and trim back, get as much out of what you have as possible before adding anyone in. Few mins here and there might be the difference of having  the budget to hire/contract someone or not.

Outsource before you need it. Easier to get organised whilst it’s not crazy busy and they’re dropped in at the deep end.

Get recommendations from others in your line of work, check the Society of  Virtual Assistants for ‘Approved’ UK VAs.

Communicate honestly, set boundaries around response times, methods of updating etc.

Review how things are going!

E77: How to be More Efficient in Your Business: Amy Smith, Vamos Admin

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