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E78: 5 Basics for Account Keeping for All Business Owners

Lisa McCloskey is a Chartered Accountant with over ten years experience working in the Uk, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

With the wealth of knowledge she gained across many industries she decided to launch The Lady Accountant in 2021. Lisa wanted to offer a more personalised modern approach to Accountancy and empower the Business Owner to take control.

In this episode Lisa covers each of the following topics in detail, giving actionable advice for business owners.

1. Bank Accounts

2. Profit Margin

3. How to calculate an hourly cost rate.

4. Importance of hiring an Accountant.

5. Goal Setting

Lisa also discusses the three biggest hurdles a Business Owner has to overcome financially: 1. Paying yourself a salary

2. Hiring employees

3. Becoming VAT registered

If you are starting out in business or have a business and the financial part of it all feels overwhelming, this is an episode for you.

E78: 5 Basics for Account Keeping for All Business Owners

Check out the episode here:

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