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E87: How to Scale Your Business with Brendan McGurgan, Director of Simple Scaling

Inspiring, Connecting and Enabling Ambitious Leaders of SMEs to Scale with Purpose is a recurring headline for Brendan McGurgan online.

Brendan was group managing director and finance director at CDE Global for seventeen years, which had 700 staff and a revenue of one hundred million pounds. He is now the founder and director of Simple Scaling, co-author of the Amazon best seller- Simple Scaling, regular keynote speaker and host of the acclaimed ScaleX Insider Podcast.

He has coached businesses all over Ireland and the UK and beyond to scale their business and reach heights they could only have dreamed of. Brendan says his clients have the ambition to scale but are stuck, have fallen out of love with their business, lack the belief in themselves and the know-how to scale.

In this episode, Brendan explains the difference between growing and scaling and what scaling should look like in a business, sharing tips on scaling and the importance of purpose and vision.

With his ScaleX Summit fast approaching, he explains its purpose and shares how he managed to secure the world famous businessman, investor and podcaster Steven Bartlett, Diary of a CEO as a guest speaker.

If you need advice on scaling your business to new heights, this episode is for you!

E87: How to Scale Your Business with Brendan McGurgan, Director of Simple Scaling

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