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Grow your Community on Social Media, with Sharon Keegan, Founder of Peachylean

Sharon Keegan is the CEO and Founder of the Irish support wear brand, Peachylean who appeared on BBC TV, Dragon’s Den. With her heart felt pitch, asking for £100,000 investment in return for 11% of her business, she was able to secure three investors on the night, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies and Tej Lalvani.

Peter Jones of Dragon’s Den said, “ Never have I been more pleased that someone has walked out of the Den with an investment.”

Peachylean is set to hit one million in sales this year.

In this episode Sharon speaks openly about her struggle with postnatal depression, sharing the story of how this time in her life led to the idea for her support wear brand. A brand whose aim is to help women feel comfortable and supported in their own skin.

Sharon talks all things Dragon’s Den. The story behind why and how she got the chance. She shares how she prepared her pitch, importance of brand identity and how the three investors have helped since they became part of the business.

Community building is a huge part of the Peachylean brand. Sharon explains how and why she is growing it, how she stays connected with them and the all important role social media plays within it.

The episode ends with Sharon sharing advice to businesses who are trying to bring their brand to the next level but are struggling to get noticed online.

This is definitely one not to miss!

Grow Your Community on Social Media, with Sharon Keegan, Founder of Peachylean

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