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How to Get 700k Followers on Social Media with Nathan Grimley

Nathan Grimley, in little over two years, has amassed more than seven hundred thousand social media followers and is in the process of writing two cookbooks. With a strong desire to help people with their home cooking at the start of the global pandemic, March 2020, ‘Bored of Lunch Belfast’ was born. He has since rebranded as ‘Bored of Lunch’.

Nathan comes from a corporate background which gives a lot of business owners confidence in knowing that they don’t have to be a social media marketer or digital marketer to achieve online success.

In this episode, Nathan shares what triggered him to open an Instagram account and start sharing calorie focused meals using either a slow cooker or air fryer. He talks about how quickly he saw the growth of his account and why he thinks this was. Nathan offers tips on making reels, writing captions, talks about the importance of hashtags and why he rarely puts his face in posts.

Seeing rapid growth on Instagram led him to setting up both a TikTok and Facebook account. Nathan shares tips on how to grow on these two platforms.

He ends the conversation by sharing his most popular recipe to date.

An episode, to inspire everyone to focus on what they are good at and what they are known for and followers and ultimately sales and leads will come. One not to miss.

How to Get 700k Followers on Social Media with Nathan Grimley

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