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Making a Difference with Your Business is What's Most Important

Mairead Mackle is a multi award winning entrepreneur. She owns and operates a wide range of businesses across several industries including care, support, housing solutions, renewables and construction. All of which are under the umbrella of Tarasis Enterprises.

Mairead is continually being recognised for her innovation in Business. She is the current NatWest Everywoman of the Year and the Irish Tatler Entrepreneur of the Year.

She was also named as a finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year®

and in 2018 she received a National Special Recognition Award in London for her commitment to family business and impact on the local community. She has also received several other prestigious awards over the years:

2013 - Women in Business Award

2014 - Quality Training in Healthcare

2015 - Employer of Choice Award

2017 - Committed to Communities Award

2017 - Best Business to Work For Award

2018 - Image Businesswoman, Entrepreneur of the year Runner up

2018 - (BITC) Responsible Business Award

Despite the demands of running a huge business and being a Mum to seven children, Mairead has made it her priority to give back to her community through her voluntary work and in the charities and mentoring she is involved with.

In this episode she talks about her journey to date, recruiting and managing staff and why their core purpose is using their business to create a better world. She shares challenges and offers advice on growing a business while also having a family, charity work she is involved with and her passion for empowering female leaders and much more.

Mairead is a strong supporter of equality, diversity and women in business. An episode not to miss.

Making a Difference with Your Business is What's Most Important with Mairead Mackle

Check out the episode here:

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [3:20] "Farming community instills a great work ethic." Mairead talks through her education and business journey to date. Sharing how the need for flexibility led to change.

  • [7:20] Mairead explains Tarasis Enterprises and how it came to be - Creating, Innovating and Regenerating.

  • [11:58] "I thought I needed to do everything myself." She shares one of her defining moments, discusses leadership and importance of teamwork.

  • [17:01] Mairead talks about treating home as the most important department of all and shares how she overcame challenges along the way.

  • [25:22] Home Care, one of her areas, have twelve hundred staff in fourteen operational regions. Mairead shares what drove their growth. She discusses leadership further, recruitment and the importance of culture in the workplace.

  • [34:32] '"Empowering women to be women of power.'" Mairead explains Evolve, an educational platform that supports female leaders.

  • [39:45] iCare, their registered charity, where one hundred percent of funds raised go into the hands of people who need it. Mairead shares an interesting story of how this was born and how she fell in love with the idea of using business for good.

  • [42:51] Mairead ends the episode with three key pieces of advice for any business owners who may be facing challenges.

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