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Manage Your Accounts more Efficiently with Sean Cavanagh, CEO of SCC

Sean Cavanagh has worked in accountancy for eighteen years. He is the Director of SCC, which for the past two years, is the fastest growing practice across the UK and Ireland.

They currently have five physical offices and employ over fifty professionals who all strive to complement their client’s businesses in the best possible way to ensure their clients are maximising their business potential.

Outside of the world of accounting, Sean has achieved three All Ireland Medals at Gaelic Football Senior Level. With this wealth of experience, he is currently partaking in media work with the well known Irish Network, RTE.

No matter what size of business, managing money plays a fundamental role. In this episode Sean talks about all things cash flow, sharing advice on how to take control of it, software he would recommend and the role VAT plays in it. He discusses sole trader versus limited company, what expenses to record and why it is important, grants, cross border trading, business development and much more.

With a company who focuses on understanding what the business owner wants to achieve and then creating a structure and environment that will allow them to achieve it as easily as possible, you will most definitely not want to miss this episode.

Manage Your Accounts More Efficiently, Giving Yourself More Time to Work on Your Business, With Sean Cavanagh, CEO of SCC (Sean Cavanagh & Co Chartered Accountants)

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