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Polished London Exploded Using Influencer Marketing with Debbie Sleeman

Debbie Sleeman is Founder and Head of Product Development for Polished London, a multi award winning non-peroxide, cruelty free, vegan friendly teeth whitening and oral care brand, of which products include teeth whitening strips, toothpaste, mouthwash and LED whitening kits. Their products are sold world wide.

Debbie worked as a Beauty therapist on a cruise ship. Her love of travel led to an encounter on a plane that would penultimately lead her to be where she is today.

In 2013, Debbie became a Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Specialist. She wanted to provide her customers with an affordable and safe product that they could use at home to prolong the longevity of their freshly whitened teeth.

After two years of intense researching and development, trialling a variety of different products while working closely with a Harley Street Dentist, in 2015, she created Polished London.

Debbie flies around the world speaking to salon owners, pharmacies and individual cosmetic product distributors, sharing her story, her products and creating collaborative working relationships to grow her business.

She is also a mummy and a partner trying to juggle it all.

In this episode, Debbie shares the story of that encounter on the plane that literally changed her life. She talks about the challenges of getting a product to market and shares advice to business owners who are thinking of developing their own product.

Debbie talks all things Marketing with emphasis on Influencer Marketing; how to begin, how to develop it, what to be aware of, challenges it may bring and the Influencer Marketing Strategy she now uses.

The episode ends with Debbie sharing advice to business owners who are perhaps at a crossroads or struggling to see growth within their business.

An honest conversation around an entrepreneurial journey. One not to miss.

Polished London Exploded Using Influencer Marketing with Debbie Sleeman

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