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Rising Above the Challenges and Following Your Dreams, with Suzie Lee Arbuthnot

Suzie Lee Arbuthnot is a celebrity Home Cook, Charter Accountant and Brand Ambassador for the well known Irish Supermarket, Supervalu. With an absolute passion for cooking, she is currently in the process of signing off her new cookbook which will be released on 18th August 2022.

In 2019 she was selected from thousands of applicants to compete in the 2020 series of BBC One’s ‘Best Home Cook’. After eight weeks of gruelling competition and endless ‘rustle ups’ she was crowned BBC Best Home Cook by Mary Berry, Angela Hartnett and Chris Bavin. A series that is now streaming on Netflix.

Suzie Lee: Home Cooked Hero is another of her accomplishments, a series that is currently available on BBC iPlayer.

She has also won Outstanding Contribution to Food and Hospitality at the British Chinese Awards and was recently nominated for an award in the Asian Women Awards for Arts and Culture.

In this episode Suzie shares her challenging journey to date, when she knew food was her passion and how she juggles two jobs and motherhood. She talks openly about her experience of being on a well known TV program. With five meals that she created now being sold in Supervalu, she shares how this all came to be. Suzie ends the episode offering advice on managing accounts.

Get ready to be inspired by Susie Lee Arbuthnot. A powerhouse with a passion to share her love of cooking with the world. One not to miss!

Rising Above the Challenges and Following Your Dreams, with Suzie Lee Arbuthnot, Winner of Best Home Cook 2020

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