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Secrets Behind the Success of Diary of a CEO with Matt Swain

Matt Swain has worked alongside Steven Bartlett, the British Entrepreneur who started his social media marketing agency when he was just twenty two and in May 2021 it was valued at over three hundred million pounds. Steven is the founder of The Diary of a CEO Podcast which has five million downloads.

Matt worked on Steven’s social platforms, content creation, his No.1 UK podcast Diary of a CEO and his personal brand. He manages over one million Instagram followers across accounts.

Matt founded and runs 'The Social Club' - an exclusive WhatsApp community for the very best in socials (Over One Hundred Million reach). He has grown his LinkedIn from five hundred followers to over ten thousand in just six months - with thirteen million plus views on his content.

He is growing a social media advisory agency working alongside the coolest brands and his book, Breaking Free, is being published this September (2022).

In this episode, Matt shares how and why he went from a corporate job in finance to working on social content. He explains how he got noticed online by Steven Bartlett, his role within Steven’s team and what he subsequently learned from him.

He offers advice to business owners who feel like social media is not paying off for their business and shares tips on the type of content they need to be creating in order to get noticed.

If you want a unique take on your socials and help in developing attention-grabbing valuable content, then this is the episode for you.

Secrets Behind the Success of Diary of a CEO with Matt Swain

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