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TikTok for Business with Cara Jackson

Cara Jackson is Social and Content Lead at the multi award winning digital marketing agency, Digital 24. With a passion for all things digital, coupled with her analytical skills, Cara creates powerful digital marketing strategies for their clients.

One of her areas of expertise is TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform in the world, which has over one billion active monthly users.

In this episode, Cara presents (Link to presentation below), to the audience at The Digg Podcast Live, a discussion on TikTok and what it means for businesses and content creators.

She explains what TikTok actually is, reasons to use it and who is on it. Cara answers the question a lot of businesses ask, ‘Is it right for my business?’ She discusses professional services that are using it and also how business owners can use it. Influencer marketing, advertising for brands and TikTok Shop were also discussed.

She ends the presentation with tips for getting started.

If you are on the fence about starting to use TikTok for your business or you genuinely just don’t know where to start, this episode is for you.

TikTok for Business with Cara Jackson

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