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Tips for creating Facebook Ads that work.

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Meghan Semple is an award-winning Belfast-based Digital Marketer, specialising in online advertising on platforms including Facebook ads and Google ads for businesses all across Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and beyond. She’s the Global Performance Marketing Lead at the Google and Facebook partnered agency, Digital 24.

Meghan works towards building profitable strategies for businesses of all sizes and she’s what you may call a ‘data-driven’ marketer, always focused on that bottom line!

In the podcast Meghan outlines some of the key things businesses should consider when advertising online for the first time.

Mistakes which businesses make frequently is also discussed and how to rectify this.

Meghan covers what Key metrics you should look at when running facebook ads and the suggested budget which should be allocated to your ad campaigns.

Google Ads is a topic which is also discussed and how to bring costs down within the google ads platform.

Google shopping is something which Meghan feels can be very beneficial if orchestrated correctly and this is covered in the podcast also.

Tips for Creating Facebook Ads that Work with Meghan Semple

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