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E70: The Key to Creating Online Demand for Your Product : Laura Kearney CEO of The Walk in Wardrobe

Laura Kearney is CEO of The Walk in Wardrobe, one of the leading female fashion retailers in Ireland and the UK. In 2022 they dispatched over one hundred thousand orders online alone, thus not including the sales in their luxurious bricks and mortar store in Banbridge, County Down. Over the past few years Laura has successfully grown her team and now employs twenty four people in total.

Her business is at the forefront of her customers' minds due to her online marketing strategy which has her showing up daily on social media, sometimes three times a day, across multiple platforms.

In this episode Laura shares her background, where her love of retail began and how she went from working in retail to owning her own boutique.

The business grew so much so that she outgrew her bricks and mortar space, her team grew and with that came fear. She talks about how fear never leaves her but how she uses it to drive her on.

Laura shares tips on how to create magic online which in turn generates sales. As they launch new collections daily across various social media platforms, Laura shares how they schedule the making of this content. She talks about the importance of analysing figures and how they actually do this.

The Walk in Wardrobe has sixty thousand email subscribers. Laura shares tips on how to grow your list and why it is so important to do so.

She ends with actionable advice to the people who are trying to ‘Make it Happen’.

An episode talking about all things fashion, e-commerce, marketing, social media content, strategising and much much more. One not to miss.

E69: The Key to Creating Online Demand for Your Product : Laura Kearney CEO of The Walk in Wardrobe

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