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From Passion to Profit while Always Putting Your Customer First

Jennifer Rock is founder and CEO of The Skin Nerd, Nerd Network, Cleanse Off Mitt makeup removal tool and Skingredients. She is a multi-award winning Dermal Facialist, Skin Tutor and author of bestseller, The Skin Nerd: Your Straight-Talking Guide to Feeding, Protecting and Respecting Your Skin. She features regularly in the Irish Examiner, Image Magazine, Irish Country Magazine, the Sunday Business Post, Stellar and Irish Tatler. Jennifer is resident skin and beauty expert on IrelandAM and also across several Irish radio stations. As a skin care tutor, trainer and facialist by profession, Jennifer shares how her passion for skincare grew into The Nerd Network, her online skin consultation service, which currently has fifty thousand clients. She talks about the challenges of bringing a product to market, learning from mistakes and the importance of networking and using mentors along the way. With her business first igniting on the early days of Snapchat, she talks about the importance of community and shares tips on using social media to grow a business. Jennifer also talks about staffing and why it is important to have a team of likeminded people around you. She believes that in life there is always a way. It’s not about dreaming, it’s about empowering yourself to make it a reality.

From Passion to Profit while Always Putting Your Customer First with Jennifer Rock

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Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [3:40] "People want real, honest, educational advice on skincare." How Jennifer Rock The Skin Nerd happened.

  • [9:07] Jennifer shares a story of the roll social media had in turning a huge loss around. A situation that taught her so much in business which in turn helped her to get to where she is today.

  • [14:16] "It wasn't easy!" How she knew it was the time to leave her full time job and commit to running her own business.

  • [16:54] Jennifer talks about how 'hard graft' is still the reality in business.

  • [19:08] Mentoring and Networking..."All people can say is 'No' and you have to respect that." Jennifer talks about her experiences and gives advice in this area.

  • [21:13] Legalities in running a business and how important it is to learn from others.

  • [22:24] Jennifer shares how her Online Consultations, Nerd Network, which has 50,000 clients, came to be.

  • [25:53] "Skincare is science." Jennifer explains how her product Skingredients came to fruition. She shares challenges and talks about dealing with manufacturers.

  • [31:59] She talks about staffing and why it's important to have a team of likeminded people.

  • [33:48] Jennifer shares tips on using social media to grow your brand.

  • [40:13] To conclude the episode, she shares her goals of where she would like to see her business in the next five years.

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