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Growing an Online Business Alongside a Bricks and Mortar Store

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Linzi Rooney is the founder of Born and Bred, a bricks and mortar store in Belfast and a fast growing store online. It’s a company that helps artists thrive. Furthermore, Linzi is also selling her product to the four main Stena Line ships and is regularly fulfilling huge orders for Tourism Northern Ireland and Guinness.

On todays episode, a silversmith by trade, Linzi speaks of how her idea, to support fellow artists, started as a charity. She explains why this had to then change and how Born and Bred was launched.

Linzi talks about where her business was pre COVID19 and how the impact of it helped her business for the better. As a working mum of two girls, she shares how she manages both the bricks and mortar and the extremely busy online store. When it comes to staffing, Linzi gives advice on how to have a tight team that works.

She shares her thoughts on social media, talks about Alt Text, Google Ad spend and fundamentally how Google led to her supplying large corporations with a product.

With breast cancer in her family, Linzi speaks of the difficult choices she had to make for herself and her two children. She explains how their new lifestyle change ignited a business idea which she is now launching next year, Beyond the Herd.

Get ready to be inspired by Linzi Rooney. A true Entrepreneur with an incredible business story.

Growing an Online Business Alongside a Bricks and Mortar Store with Linzi Rooney

Check out the episode here:

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [2:11] Linzi talks about the importance of health, especially as a mother of two and being an entrepreneur. Why she chose to get a double mastectomy and how the whole experience has led to another business adventure, Beyond the Herd, launching next year.

  • [5:55] "Fundamentally what people want is for you to make them money!" Linzi wanted to help artists thrive. She shares how she started out in business.

  • [7:56] Why COVID19 impacted her business for the better, Linzi's discusses how her two bricks and mortar stores had to shut so she focused on other revenue streams i.e website. She talks about the importance of Alt Text.

  • [13:05] 'It does what it says on the tin." Brand awareness, why she opted for a simple name. Linzi also discusses how her best selling product started off.

  • [17:09] Recruiting and managing staff. "Realising you can't do everything." Linzi shares advice and how she manages to keep a tight team. Her staff walk around with notepads. She explains why.

  • [26:03] Stena Line Ships, Tourism NI, Guinness, how Google led to large corporations reaching out to her.

  • [30:37] Running a business and being a working mum, Linzi talks about how it is ok to say "No".

  • [33:44] Linzi discusses managing a bricks and mortar and an online business, Google Ad spend, Google Shopping and what she thinks of Social Media for her business.

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