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Making your Brand Stand Out in a Noisy World

Olivia’s Haven is a luxury home fragrance business, founded by the amazing Olivia Burns, who is a leading marketing and branding expert. In little over a year, she has taken the business from just an idea to a widely recognised brand throughout the Uk and Ireland.

A brand that combines design and storytelling, it has recently been featured in Forbes, Ok Magazine, Independent, Gloss Magazine, Daily Express and many more.

On todays episode, Olivia shares with us how she has grown something from just an idea, little over a year ago, to now opening new premises and hiring her eighth member of staff.

With a strong brand identity that is carried across her website and all her social media platforms, Olivia shares tips and tricks on how to achieve this. She also talks about being consistent on social and how she uses it to her advantage.

Olivia explains why Shopify is so easy to use. Furthermore, not only does she express how important email marketing is to her growing business, but also offers tips and advice in this area.

If you have a business idea and are maybe afraid of starting, Olivia shares some very valuable advice. A truly inspirational story with lots of tips and tricks!

Making your Brand Stand Out in a Noisy World with Olivia Burns

Check out the episode here:

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [2:13] Sharing her educational background, followed by her various jobs in global companies, Olivia also shares with us where her love of colour and her passion of starting her own business came from.

  • [3:43] An expert in marketing and branding, she just needed a product, Olivia shares with us how she decided on something that was literally right under her nose and she absolutely loved.

  • [5:11] ‘I love to gift candles. I wanted people to have a joyful experience when they get them.” Olivia talks about why she links stories to her scents and what actually give her the push to launch Olivia’s Haven.

  • [7:35] Colours and branding, Olivia shares tips and explains why it is important not to rush this element of your brand.

  • [9:48] ‘Oh, it’s a very saturated market!” Olivia shares her thoughts on this commonly used phrase.

  • [10:58] Olivia talks website building and her experience of using Shopify.

  • [13:42] Olivia’s Haven has an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account. Olivia shares tips on how she achieves this.

  • [19:03] Planning to become global was Olivia’s plan from the start. She talks about where she is now with that plan.

  • [21:44] The magic of collaborating, Olivia shares a collaboration of hers that sells a product out in under a minute.

  • [24:32] Social media posts and stories (Instagram/Facebook), Olivia explains how she successfully manages them.

  • [29:15] A chat about what happened when Patrick Dempsey came to stay.

  • [31:16] Email marketing, Olivia talks about the importance of it for generating sales. She shares simple tips on how to include it on your website.

  • [35:13] Olivia ends the episode with advice to anyone who has a business idea and is maybe holding back!

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