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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Jackie Reid is Chief Strategy Officer and one half of husband and wife duo who own Deli Lites, an award winning gourmet sandwich and food-to-go company, based in Northern Ireland. They employ over three hundred staff and have their own twenty five thousand square foot manufacturing facility. Not only do they supply every county in Ireland, every day of the week, they also export to nine countries in Europe and have just secured a deal in Dubai.

They always stay true to their original values and purpose which is to make their fresh products have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of those who consume them and on the growth and bottom line for those who sell them. Over the years they have secured deals with Debenhams Cafes, Costa Coffee, Apple Green to name just a few.

On this episode, Jackie, who is a self taught business woman, shares where their idea came from. Why and how they started supplying their product all over Ireland.

She talks about growth, team building, pushing boundaries, taking risks, keeping goals in sight and the importance of believing in what you are doing. She also shares advice around ‘Fear’.

As a mum of three, Jackie talks about the challenges of combining business life and family life and much more.

A woman who oozes passion for her brand, which is now going global, is most definitely one not to miss.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Jackie Reid

Check out the episode here:

Here is the episode highlight reel:

  • [2:57] Jackie shares why a trip to New York, in 1994, with her four sisters ignited a family business idea which in turn led to her going out on her own with her new boyfriend.

  • [8:53] Raw passion and goal setting. They had to make it a viable business. Jackie shares why and how they started supplying all over Ireland.

  • [14:36] 'Get out of the Kitchen'. In order to grow their business, Jackie explains why this was the best piece of advice she ever got. She also explains the need for a good strong team.

  • [17:58] "Right questions at the right time." With no formal education in business, Jackie shares how she educated herself in the field.

  • [20:46] Book recommendations to help with business.

  • [22:06] Jackie talks about E-commerce and how COVID19 fast tracked this area for them.

  • [27:49] Combining family life and business life. Jackie describes how she manages this and also why she thinks it is important to keep their three children involved in the journey of the business.

  • [33:10] "Fear is there to challenge you!" Jackie shares advice on dealing with fear in business.

  • [35:34] Awards won and how they got inspired to create a new Vegan Bento box.

  • [38:17] Jackie offers advice to business owners around growth, delegation and money spend.

  • [40:33] She finishes with their ambitions for their business.

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